Sometimes energy evades us to pursue the passions that make us feel truly alive.  A j-o-b, spring cleaning, taxes, eating well, getting enough exercise and adequate sleep are all necessary to keep our individual worlds revolving.  The evolution of life, however, demands creation to free our soul.  At a rehearsal this week for a play opening in May, the director needed me to read the other actress’s lines.  One section was a lower class period British servant making raunchy remarks.  Though my weekend had been long and my workday stressful, once I heard people laughing, at the silliness of the words combined with the tripping ease of the accent, I was electrified.

Later, I came upon a great reason to don a Scottish burr- Tartan Day, a national celebration for Scottish-Americans.  A supervisor detected the difference and laughed, sharing with co-workers who made jokes, and the day was lightened with good humor.  Putting on an accent is a challenge for the tongue and a practice in acceptance because sharing requires courage- keeping something locked away until ‘perfected’ is an exercise in fear and excuses.  Acting outside of our comfort, being Brave, we break constraints of “safety” thus growing stronger.  I had never asked a fellow employee if she is Russian or Polish because I thought it rude.  Casually querying, I discovered she is indeed Russian and would be happy to lend her authenticity to aide my practice of the Russian accent- a skill I look forward to honing.

Another forum in which I stepped out of familiarity this week was being on a live web show: .  A lot of people showed and I had a really great time participating in person; usually I only watch at home and comment on the board.  It is easy to make excuses:  I don’t have enough time, I am tired, I have so much to do, I’ll miss part of it so why bother at all, but the truth is we are scared to not fully succeed.  Every time we dare do something we could have rationalized our way out of doing, we Have WON through experiencing the adventure that is Life.