Sundays occasionally prove emotionally challenging.  As the eve of returning to the five day, nine to five, work week at a job lacking the creativity I yearn to fill my life- Sundays signify the end of Freedom. Sometimes I persevere, redirecting slight depression to focus on seizing moments in pursuit of opportunities to sustain this standard of living through Acting.  There is a value to having a job, and I am grateful for the ‘comfort’ to pay the bills and throw a twenty percent chunk straight into savings.  I am even more thankful to have chosen to live within my means, rather than beyond them as so many people fall into the trap of doing.  Each day I show up for the job, I am closer to a monetary goal which will create true freedom by allowing me to wean from the “real job in the ‘grown-up’ world” and court the passion of my life full time.

Since the beginning of this year, monthly goals have been set toward gathering tools to market myself, to research/establish industry contacts, and to work the net of afore mentioned contacts- all while saving for a future truly free to achieve a dream with dedication. Postcards, business cards, a website, this blog, and a growing list of newspaper writers, casting directors, and agents are the beginning to create an awareness of my name.  A casting director is only going to ‘find’ me once I put myself on her radar.  By sending a postcard with my eye-catching headshot and website information on one side and a short paragraph expressing genuine enthusiasm for his projects- past, current, and future- on the other side, praising her wins without asking for anything in return, I have created my very first !BLIP! on his screen.

In a month, I’ll follow up with two fresh, flatteringly honest paragraphs to !BLIP! her again with my presence.  Eventually my bonafide interest in him generates great possibility for her to affirmatively reciprocate a request for a write-up or audition.  It’s NOT ‘who you know’; rather ‘IT IS WHO KNOWS YOU’.  I am passionate about becoming known!  !BLIP!