“And all the men and women merely players” – ah Shakespeare.  Some people “act”…. some watch…. some PLAY!  We all play as children, at some point we loose the value of becoming lost in our imaginations. The power of envisioning possibilities.  I swear, one afternoon I practiced a day-dream as an emotional exercise for a scene, and that night it materialized into an actual event in the stairwell and on the rooftop of the acting school.  Oh….and that was a BIG, passionate O, I-talians and their surprises!

An emotional day-dream, as an actor, is a workout for the emotional muscles, so to speak, and the muscles of the imagination- to stretch and strengthen depth and availability for when access is depended upon instantaneously in the moment of a scene.  You’ve heard of marvelous actors such as Daniel Day-Lewis who stay in character throughout the entire filming process, although this method may be mocked by some actors, when you are already IN a state of truth for the imaginary it IS easier to delve deeper and go farther- just as when you work out regularly- strength and endurance are gained.  Take a look at some of Mr. Day-Lewis’s roles and tell me his characters are a shining example of INtensity!  The same is true for emotions and imagination. One may intuit the need for a conscious care and consideration to both areas of what EXACTLY you are strengthening- is it what you truly want, or are you empowering anxiety?

Opening night was recently upon me for a fun four-character thriller I had been rehearsing.  Waiting to enter from backstage, forgotten was fear for the fact I was about to be standing in front of an audience literally in my bra and panties, rather, I dwelled in pure excitement to live TRUTHFULLY in circumstances imaginary to my life- and the passion for PLAY!  Life consists of the moments we endure, the future we hope, and dedication we either put toward or put off to truly achieve our dreams.  Either way Time will pass and we are either disappointed by our stagnancy or  smiley with our progress.