the ocean and the shore together for all Eternity

this is us forever and how we’ll always be

beauty and perfection they coincide

with all we share, the flow of love that is so deep inside

you’re my fallen angel with wings I cannot see

you take us high above the clouds with love that sets us free

in your eyes the stars shine bright and I can see me too

more splendid than the sunrise- we are- and I thank you


thundering with praise, lightening sings our love

rainbows smile, rain cries tears of joy from high above

true love deep within my heart- my heart and soul

every breath a smile for knowing together we are whole


I give you a love that few have ever dreamt of

Sharing our life our hearts our time

This is a dream: you and me

and I will love you eternally


you are strong- your hugs, your life, your love

nothing could break our bond- we have what few have ever dreamt of

a dream most flawless, our love is true, as real as Time

I will eternally love you- our love is majestically sublime

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .