This week I traveled in to New York City.  This was only the second solo excursion ventured on by yours truly to the Big Apple.  There I am, on the train, for the hour and twenty-minute jaunt in, when a family of four sits in the three seats facing me.  The boys are approximately six and eight- the youngest having a hard time letting go why there are not seat belts.  His concern voiced was “how fast does the train go” and “shouldn’t there be seat belts”– his anxiety is not assuaged and he uncomfortably remains standing, reaching awkwardly to grip tightly the small hand rail in the headrest.  Eventually, he did relax into the space between his mother and older brother.

I smiled at his innocence and fear, reminded how an hour earlier my own inner voice, threatened by uncertainty, urged a rapid retreat back to “safety”.  When I am afraid of a task: I procrastinate.  This day I was hesitant to hear an undesirable answer from a casting company.  A favorable response also proved a daunting consideration, because this would mean coming face to face with a stranger who had the power to give me work.  That day, at that moment, the glass was half-full-empty.  Why can trepidation prove so powerful?  Trust wavers in the security of life providing specific experiences as needed for the Universe to conspire in our best interest.

If every venture proved fruitful, what reward would make valuable results distinguishable- all results would be valuable.  Wait….all results are valuable- when we learn, realize untapped strength, and create growth.  This day a missed train, pre-selected the night before to arrive optimally early, became a teaching catalyst. Watching the transport pull away moments before I would have stepped onto the scaffold, I believed, at that time, the valuable lesson was: allot ten ‘extra’ minutes for parking/walking to the departure platform.  Typing here now, the real lesson was from a six-year-old on his way to the Museum of Natural History. Recognizing a reflection of shared emotions from an objective perspective provided a serene, sweet acceptance and appreciation toward trusting all moments- especially the in between.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .