Sincerely, I am honored to be a nominee for a ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by the kind    She presents pleasant thoughts as a welcome escape and a friendly reminder we are all in this together to appreciate the journey and share honesty through creating love.

Rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:

1.   Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you, and post the Award on your site.

2.   Describe 7 things about yourself.

3.   Nominate 15 other bloggers.


Seven Katrina Perkins Tidbits:

1.  Working full-time to create the reality of my dreams: successfully supporting Life’s needs as a professional actress.

2.  Energetic, outgoing, enthusiastic positive energy bringing presence.

3.  Awarded “Hardest Working Actress” by Tsunami Radio Theater.

4.  Highly myopic= near-sighted (unable to see the ‘big E’ on the eye test chart) without a -7.00 prescription glasses/contact lenses.

5.  Growing red pepper plants with seeds harvested from an organic local.

6.  Eco-friendly: recycles & buys recycled products, uses cloth napkins, cuts up old cotton t-shirts to replace “paper towels”.

7.  Scared to watch horror movies after dusk.  My rule is- only in the afternoon, therefore providing plenty of time for a comedy, hence forgetting creepy images seared into my brain.


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Please take a moment to read any titles that peak your interest.  If you click the ‘Follow’ button, they might just follow you back, too.  Should they bring a little motivation to your day, please feel inclined to leave a comment.  Each is well worth a the few minutes you deserve to recharge.

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