I am working with Martin Scorsese as “Swiss Air Stewardess #1” in his current film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. To be a ‘Background Actor’, liberally speaking, is to be working with Marty. However, realistically, this is an opportunity, and must be taken full advantage of…. how is this done? Recently I had the fitting- the lovely Sue, of Brooklyn, measured me every which way: nape to collar, collar to shoulder, shoulder to elbow, waist, waist to knee, you get the idea. Well, what now.

Arriving very early for the fitting, after a train of one hour twenty minutes, a lovely stroll through the wondrous city of New York was embarked upon.  I walked almost the same amount of time during the 2.5 mile stretch, through ‘The Village’ from Penn Station on a misty day, whilst smiling and grinning every step.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LoOvVE walking around New York City.  As a recent transplant, always feeling the magnetism elicited, being in the city is akin to organic fertilizer; sometimes I even imagine living there. However, since high school art class, and especially reinforced following the recent hurricane, I have understood the value and necessity for Freedom in creating Art, therefore I tend to shun any constancy which might cause dullness and a jaded lack of appreciation for what once enthralled and created life force.  A “have to” makes for a frowny-face.

Sue of Brooklyn said by the time the movie was wrapped over 2,500 fittings will have occurred!  Sue, the seamstress, had a lovely vitality and I wonder how many of those people will remember her name, or that she lives in Brooklyn, or knows she has been trying to remember  her daughter’s passport.  I only know these tidbits about the woman who measured me for all of maybe ten minutes because I was genuinely interested in her.  She asked me if I lived close, I responded in the middle of Long Island, and she was interested where exactly that was. A simple question became a moment shared on a journey, and when I return for a pre-fit tomorrow- full costume prior to filming- my memory will serve me well.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .