This is an art I personally need spelled out and documented in detail. Nice simplicity toward gaining networking momentum. Enjoy!

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Today’s Tip • TAC : The Art of Conversation : What is TAC?

The most common mistake people make is talking. It’s a hard thing to keep from doing because people want to express themselves. People talk from a perspective of their own needs outside the needs of others. Which makes sense, since we as people have egos. Example “I eat so I survive”, “I sleep so I am rested”, “I protect myself so I can live.” Hard facts of life is we care more about ourselves than other people.

The Art of Conversation is about breaking those rules, or systems, that have been imbedded in us for years as a child; A “I come first” ideology. Think of other people. TAC’s psychology is broken down into three simple rules; How to say it, When to say it, and Why to say it. These rules are designed to reteach a…

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