Smart, and I laughed. Four twenty sex! is far superior to a simple 4:20. “Afternoon Delight!”


PopulationRemember when wide open spaces wasn’t a reference to a Dixie Chicks song, but a reality?

Well, I don’t either. But I hear stories about those simpler times, and it sounds like it was a pretty cool place to be. Highways where you could open up the engine, rather than a breakfast sandwich? Trips to the shore that didn’t factor in two days worth of travel? Hey, I’m there. I would gladly hand over all my modern conveniences if it meant I didn’t have to book a reservation to buy a cup of coffee.

We got a population problem and it goes like this: America’s BMI has nearly quadrupled in the last century and if we keep it up, we’ll hit the 1 billion mark some time in the next century. We won’t have to deal with the ramifications, but our grand-children’s children will, along with Hugh Hefner. You gotta…

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