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One day on-set, toward the beginning of my NY endeavors, a fellow extra queried had I worked on Saturday Night Live?  I had not.  Had not, in fact, even noticed actors other than the the cast, guest host, perhaps the musical performer, and the cameo of a former-castmate, appeared on the live sketch comedy show airing every Saturday at 11:35pm on NBC for the last forty plus years. There were never breakdowns on the websites, and blessed was I by this kindly networking moment when a background-actor in-the-know shared knowledge to must snail-mail a headshot directly to the casting director at 30 Rock for consideration.  I have since worked SNL a handful of times in the last two years.

The very first time I was called to work, then casting director, Mat McCue rang me asking if I could make it to a rehearsal the next night, Friday, at eight o’clock, and was available all day into night Saturday.  Indeed I was, and enthusiastically replied in the affirmative.  Having no idea what to expect– I realized just now- I think I blogged about this first time on the live show- so let us skip ahead to the most recent, non-live, though airing on-line video.  James Franco was the host and the skit is here —> SNL Franco/Jason  . . . for your amusement!

Upon hearing the premise of the sketch, I asked “So I had some kind of a sex-change, right, that’s the joke?”  “No, no, no,” they assured me, “it’s just a silly out of nowhere, how, now they are talking about this woman, who is she? moment.”  I am not sure to take this as an insult or a compliment- I am a handsome woman… a man-ish face; I always have been a tim-boy.  I joke, I kid!  ALWAYS do I love the energy at SNL: the perfect combination of live theater/film/television.  The writers and performers create fearlessly, inspiring hope and possibility.  If I can’t laugh at me, I have no business being in entertainment!  Hope you managed a jolly good laugh!!  One day I hope to REALLY appear on the L!ve show!


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Needless to say, the last attempt at consistent, regular posting… failed.  GothamSo, as a poet, I enjoy alliterations: Taco Tuesday, Filing Friday, Manicure Monday- to name only a few personal favorites.  Why not WordPress Wednesday!?  It should, hopefully, be straightforward enough for me to keep track, and please calmness help me, stay determined with focus to achieve.  Usually, it comes down to (haha) a lack of time management, time escapes me and I am at it’s mercy, researching usually- most currently the RAW diet [pardon the pun] ad nauseam, for the health of the four-legged-fur-baby.

Secondarily, decision making, committing to one choice- ugh- at times the bane of my existence.  Some say it’s the Libra in me; I know I perform better all around when balanced body and mind with regular Yoga practice (another aim I fail to complete).  Here I am, 6:15pm NYC, flying through to post this before 6:59pm when the date changes.  I literally just chuckled to myself.  This is so fun! Truly.  “I don’t have a photo; what should I write about; that’s not related to being an actress” = excuses, excuses, excuses.

You lovely wonderful folks read and connect with me, and I with you.  We feed each other across oceans, and I love and miss the camaraderie.  Always seeking balance and structure, attempting to enforce a system that work upon myself and disappointedly not succeeding, giving up for a spell, and coming back to give it a go again, this time: I must remember to have


Such is Life.  Started a “Cliche” blog last week, probably finish it by next (smiles).  Aaahhh, so the acting world, last week I worked as a Stand-In (another blog on that to come surely) on the Batman prequel TV show ‘Gotham’.  Even though I most likely cannot be seen on screen, boy the hair man, Joseph Ferrara, had some fun- he really knew what he was doing, and the make-up woman, Heidi, had to amp up the eyes to balance it out.  An amazing soundstage to work on here in Brooklyn- oh yeah, did I mention I moved from way out in Long Island?