One day on-set, toward the beginning of my NY endeavors, a fellow extra queried had I worked on Saturday Night Live?  I had not.  Had not, in fact, even noticed actors other than the the cast, guest host, perhaps the musical performer, and the cameo of a former-castmate, appeared on the live sketch comedy show airing every Saturday at 11:35pm on NBC for the last forty plus years. There were never breakdowns on the websites, and blessed was I by this kindly networking moment when a background-actor in-the-know shared knowledge to must snail-mail a headshot directly to the casting director at 30 Rock for consideration.  I have since worked SNL a handful of times in the last two years.

The very first time I was called to work, then casting director, Mat McCue rang me asking if I could make it to a rehearsal the next night, Friday, at eight o’clock, and was available all day into night Saturday.  Indeed I was, and enthusiastically replied in the affirmative.  Having no idea what to expect– I realized just now- I think I blogged about this first time on the live show- so let us skip ahead to the most recent, non-live, though airing on-line video.  James Franco was the host and the skit is here —> SNL Franco/Jason  . . . for your amusement!

Upon hearing the premise of the sketch, I asked “So I had some kind of a sex-change, right, that’s the joke?”  “No, no, no,” they assured me, “it’s just a silly out of nowhere, how, now they are talking about this woman, who is she? moment.”  I am not sure to take this as an insult or a compliment- I am a handsome woman… a man-ish face; I always have been a tim-boy.  I joke, I kid!  ALWAYS do I love the energy at SNL: the perfect combination of live theater/film/television.  The writers and performers create fearlessly, inspiring hope and possibility.  If I can’t laugh at me, I have no business being in entertainment!  Hope you managed a jolly good laugh!!  One day I hope to REALLY appear on the L!ve show!


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