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treein this time of quarantine, i find myself doing an activity i always longed to do more: hiking, usually once each glorious week.  yesterday, on a particularly steep three hour climb, it occurred to me how like-life hiking can be.  there are trail markers, and as long as you keep one in sight, and head for it, you will make it to the top, and back to your car.  life may not be so obvious as a red/blue/green/yellow /white trail marker nailed into successive trees supporting your progress, but we can attune our senses to becoming aware of the “markers” life offers (some more obvious than others, but always available, if time is taken to look carefully).trail“does this hurt?”  is an indication you have allowed the trail to get away from you.  that suddenly too thick brush and brambles now tearing up your legs: you are no longer taking the path that will get you to, that was made towards, your intended destination.  when life feels good, you are literally going in the right direction.  this nearly immediate feed-back loop (organic pun in this context) is wise to heed, and even lean into, to borrow a phrase 😉

benttreethis does nothing to say “if it ain’t easy you are doing something wrong”.  working towards goals, ambitions, mountain tops can challenge muscle, create needs for tools, and ultimately strengthen, in experience and know-how, how-to fine tune our Vision to see that red trail marker between the other trees in the distance.  being outside (in a safe manner) nourishes our body with vitamin D production, with fresh air (one of the penultimate necessities ironically emphasized literally restricting breath), with a focus toward a destination, with compassion to the nature and life outside ourself. i admire and appreciate the freedom of the birds outside, first outside my windows, where i sit typing now, and also in anticipation out in the middle of trees, bent but growing, water flowing with gravity towards its destination, the woodpecker at work.

brookthere is something, deep in each of us, we have need of this Time in-order-to shine Light on a nourishment.  the essential workers, the people who are still able to work in this adjunctated (poetic license) life from home when never before, the family of those struggling and dying, we- have more Living to Do.  Acting, is Doing, Living is Doing, hiking is active, all- when invested in Doing will lead to a summit worth pursuing.  

what action is it you will Do more of When … map

there is no way for anyone other than biden to be the democratic nominee?  is he a rapist?  how can i vote for a rapist?  i know the alternative is to vote for dumptrump or not at all.  I AM going to vote, let me be clear.  what a freakin’ choice: more of the same or vote for a rapist?

how can i, in good conscious, vote for biden if he is a rapist?!  obama backs him?  i just do not know, what other choice do we have?  i mean, this country was founded on OUR politicians, because they are suppose to be working FOR US, Representing US, SERVING Us, it was not suppose to be a career.  it was a service, a difficult one, because a man (at that time) had to leave farm and family to go to the capital for a limited time: two years, four years, but forty?  i do not think that was the purpose.

who could stand up that we would truly want representing Us, both men and women?  i am struggling with voting for a rapist.  how could anyone, because it is better than the voldemort backed trumper?  scary times.  what timing, this year, this virus, this election … 

is there no alternative?  it has to be biden?  there is no avenue for an alternate route to be calculated?  i know we all have qualms, and opinions, i wish there was a choice for a GOOD person (good for the country, good for people [real people like you and me working hard to get a little spot of Earth to Live on in Peace], good for the planet), not a politician (what an unfortunate dirty word it has become).  this president represents us, what does that say: we are greedy, we are liars, we are idiots with daddy issues?  elucidate, please. 

how about wisconsin for a lack of change?  still holding primaries this week in the middle of what is NOT simply another year of “the flu”.  maybe that is a sign of how scared the political machine [which i can tell you does NOT represent me or likely you] is of change.  machines run the program.  our compliance, take our money and stay in our homes and forget about any change in this broken machine, inhuman, unhelpful, unkind, impersonal, big business (another machine) killing the little being.

now is a time for people to come together in a bigger way.  NOT physically; energetically.  we need more energy to do the things we all are appreciating how much FREEDOM we under appreciated and took for granted: gathering physically, stopping at the grocery store for that “one thing we came in for”, taking kids to a playground, or having kids over to play in our backyard.  how has our backyard somehow even become a little less Ours?  


17 March 2020 ophthalmic tech/scribe NY

because right now we have a responsibility for our community, the people we know and those we have never seen.  the 82-year-old who’s grandchild does not yet grasp that hanging out leaning on your friend’s car at the beach could kill grandma.  this has never happened to us in our lifetime; we are capable of learning from history.  we are intelligent.  

i don’t know the number of people who want another president in the United States; i don’t know the number of countries that want more of the same for US.  I know i want more, more of what is Good.  we all know Good, in our guts.  it is not a question, it is undeniable, it is Known, and it is the same for all of Us.  

10-4 in 2020! 🙂