there is no way for anyone other than biden to be the democratic nominee?  is he a rapist?  how can i vote for a rapist?  i know the alternative is to vote for dumptrump or not at all.  I AM going to vote, let me be clear.  what a freakin’ choice: more of the same or vote for a rapist?

how can i, in good conscious, vote for biden if he is a rapist?!  obama backs him?  i just do not know, what other choice do we have?  i mean, this country was founded on OUR politicians, because they are suppose to be working FOR US, Representing US, SERVING Us, it was not suppose to be a career.  it was a service, a difficult one, because a man (at that time) had to leave farm and family to go to the capital for a limited time: two years, four years, but forty?  i do not think that was the purpose.

who could stand up that we would truly want representing Us, both men and women?  i am struggling with voting for a rapist.  how could anyone, because it is better than the voldemort backed trumper?  scary times.  what timing, this year, this virus, this election … 

is there no alternative?  it has to be biden?  there is no avenue for an alternate route to be calculated?  i know we all have qualms, and opinions, i wish there was a choice for a GOOD person (good for the country, good for people [real people like you and me working hard to get a little spot of Earth to Live on in Peace], good for the planet), not a politician (what an unfortunate dirty word it has become).  this president represents us, what does that say: we are greedy, we are liars, we are idiots with daddy issues?  elucidate, please.