treein this time of quarantine, i find myself doing an activity i always longed to do more: hiking, usually once each glorious week.  yesterday, on a particularly steep three hour climb, it occurred to me how like-life hiking can be.  there are trail markers, and as long as you keep one in sight, and head for it, you will make it to the top, and back to your car.  life may not be so obvious as a red/blue/green/yellow /white trail marker nailed into successive trees supporting your progress, but we can attune our senses to becoming aware of the “markers” life offers (some more obvious than others, but always available, if time is taken to look carefully).trail“does this hurt?”  is an indication you have allowed the trail to get away from you.  that suddenly too thick brush and brambles now tearing up your legs: you are no longer taking the path that will get you to, that was made towards, your intended destination.  when life feels good, you are literally going in the right direction.  this nearly immediate feed-back loop (organic pun in this context) is wise to heed, and even lean into, to borrow a phrase 😉

benttreethis does nothing to say “if it ain’t easy you are doing something wrong”.  working towards goals, ambitions, mountain tops can challenge muscle, create needs for tools, and ultimately strengthen, in experience and know-how, how-to fine tune our Vision to see that red trail marker between the other trees in the distance.  being outside (in a safe manner) nourishes our body with vitamin D production, with fresh air (one of the penultimate necessities ironically emphasized literally restricting breath), with a focus toward a destination, with compassion to the nature and life outside ourself. i admire and appreciate the freedom of the birds outside, first outside my windows, where i sit typing now, and also in anticipation out in the middle of trees, bent but growing, water flowing with gravity towards its destination, the woodpecker at work.

brookthere is something, deep in each of us, we have need of this Time in-order-to shine Light on a nourishment.  the essential workers, the people who are still able to work in this adjunctated (poetic license) life from home when never before, the family of those struggling and dying, we- have more Living to Do.  Acting, is Doing, Living is Doing, hiking is active, all- when invested in Doing will lead to a summit worth pursuing.  

what action is it you will Do more of When … map