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While it is nice to work on eyeballs, as an opthalmic technician, Katrina PerkinsI am regularly reminded by octogenarians how the “golden years” are not worth it.  The ‘convenience’ of working at the MD office affords me the ability to pay for my car, while the remainder of my bills- I manage to pay for all through the beauty and blessing of acting.  I am proud my professional network and social sites continue to grow, and most importantly my circle of work continues to pull in women writers creating strong female characters.  It is curious to me how I wished and yearned to work with empowered women, both in play and in a working relationship, and the Universal energy that is always spinning in our best interest brought them to me, or me to them.

‘In Our Own Voice’ is a play about women veterans and their personal experience throughout enlistment, deployment, and eventually coming home.  The relationships between leaders, teammates, family and civilians- we may have an idea, but this play was drawn out of actual group therapy sessions and individual interviews with women veterans.  I have learned a great deal, the tough facade I place upon military personnel is only a part of them- everyone still has feelings, even when they have been taught and practiced not to for the sake of safety.  The single biggest honor of my acting career thus far was performing this piece last year at the Veterans Association in front of a crowd of brave humans.

Since that date, we have brought the show to a library, where it was equally well received.  The end of this month, into the beginning of July, including a performance ON my Dad’s birthday, will bring us to a festival in Manhattan.  MY FIRST MANHATTAN PERFORMANCE! Rehearsing this play again with my adoptive ‘sisters’ is a wonderful joy, full of energy.  My Dad was a Marine Drill Instructor and I am privileged to have him always in my heart, most especially during this exciting time.  The gift that keeps on giving, and a new monologue has even grown out it for this newest rendition.  Lucky me!!

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"Royal Pains" Hero Nurse Season 5 Premiere

“Royal Pains” Hero Nurse Season 5 Premiere

The momentum is building! On the Season 5 premiere of USA Network’s fictional Hamptons based concierge doctor series “Royal Pains” (watch here on Hulu), I also had my popular debut. At one minute 45 seconds in, there I am as the “Hero Nurse” (how the production crew referred to me) unwrapping the good Dr. Hank Lawson’s bandaged head wound: see photo above. Even I was ecstatically surprised when the big moment was revealed: a two-shot with only another main character’s full frontal kisser (the lovable brother) and my face on screen! BAM! I am front and center; no looking in the background trying to spot me! Even if you happen to blink, there she is- the nurse in blue scrubs with red hair– that’s me!

At showtime, I was gymming it up to improve cardiac endurance, whilst none of the TVs were airing the channel. A blessing, truly. My mom was the first to text me: “U weren’t kidding! Serious screen time, bravo!!!” (compared to last year this time, or ever, she’s right*). Probing to clarify she was not joshin’ with me, she responded “great face time”. My mother is not the type to express a surplus of enthusiasm, knowing this, I should have trusted her three exclamation points as genuine.

Four-teen whopping moments on-screen and my fancy tickled to the extreme by having been seen on any television tuned in (AND future internet or DVD watchers!), eSpeciaLly my brother. His reaction “You did great!!!! … It was like wooooaah that’s my sister! Haha” = the biggest smile ever. I whole-heartedly adore independent projects, because, gratefully, these have been the platforms permitting me to sink my teeth into juicy, delicious, and beautifully ripened characters. In the past, this is the only way my family could witness me on their television : pop in DVD, press play. Thrilling enough for me I promise you; understandably lacking the same hoopla to my kinfolk as telling the dentist/co-worker to watch tonight at 9 P.M. This wish crossed my mind too…”Dad would b very proud, u’d be the talk of dunkin donuts & publix today lol” – thank you mom.

*excluding film premieres, including but not limited to, the Cannes Short Film Festival.

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A New Year!  Every moment is new, an opportunity to see the world fresh, full of favorable circumstances.  Last January 8th my phone rang, waking me, just after midnight.  In my depths I instantaneously knew all was not well.  It was my mother; my father had died. Emotion struck hard, even now, because Dad was ‘my guy’- I could count on for support, easy understanding, and open communication with honest comfort.  His death spurred me to push toward a life less shackled and more a waking joy to live.

The torment at not traveling home for the holidays; Dad :)his haunting response to a declaration I would be there in March- “I hope I’m still around”.  He is Peaceful now- not dealing with doctors and breathing machines while he sleeps, or my mother nagging as his nurse to use less salt, stop eating coffee cake muffins at Dunkin’ Doughnuts, and remember to take his pills.  In order to make it through the ten days I was in Florida to speak at his funeral and be at the military memorial, it was a must to find purpose from his passing.  Before returning to New York, I vowed to move confidently in directions to accomplish my dreams.  Confiding in a friend, fortunately an excellent business manager, a promise was fashioned to forge a detailed plan of action.  Every moment is for a purpose, every relationship serves an intention- acting drew me to Her- fore if I had never married, thence moving to Los Angeles, I would have never been immersed in the curiosity and subsequent motivation to live poetry.

Fortunately, the acting classes on my path in Hollywood were great- fostering truth and reality of life through doing.  While each day presents its own challenge in WORKing for myself with as much discipline as I work for an employer, I am closer the the life of my dreams this year.  January of 2012 I was happy to be acting in a play as the lead character.  January of 2013 I am even more thankful to be working on movies and optimistic about finding the best agent to add to the team of Katrina Perkins Inc.

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