The healthy choice, be it eating or exercising or even thinking, can seem unsavory.  “I don’t wanna eat a salad.  I want eight-layer chocolate cake.”  That is how I felt earlier today anyway.  ‘Nothing tastes so good as skinny’ may be true, but what is confirmed is feeling healthy feels good.  Hollywood appears to desire the majority of the female leads to look like Holocaust survivors.  When I lived in Los Angeles, I knew women who literally consumed practically nothing (except for copious carb-free! alcohol; OR promptly barfed anything they did eat) and ran on the treadmill a minimum of an hour each day.

The art of making healthy choices is one which requires practice and becomes easier with Time.  Moderation, when it comes to processed food I crave, is a word I live by.  I admit to a mental block when free food is present causing me to think I have to take advantage because it’s “free”.  One tool I utilize is telling myself a few facts: “Katrina, there will always be more croissants in the world.  When you have earned a croissant the French bakery will have it and the quality will undoubtably be superior to this random, probably half-stale, non-flakey undesirable version.”  When I choose to not remind myself of these facts, most often I am disappointed and wish I had not consumed the good looking, though tasteless, treat.

Rather than spending the now $8.05 at the Factory which makes Cakes of Cheese, I did delight in a homemade spinach salad with sliced Vidalia onion, green/red peppers, topped with a simple dressing and half of a perfectly creamy avocado.  I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon sitting on the grass admiring the trees feeling good about my choice.  The truth is, I usually feel guilty after eating a 1,200 calorie piece of a B-E-A-U-tiful cake late at night.  On the other hand, the serene peace I embraced today in the company of a lovely butterfly with orange tipped wings feels like a win.  And tomorrow it will still feel like a win because I won’t feel compelled toward self criticism when I do not take an hour run.