Yesterday was the first day for me employing myself full-time as managing director of my dreams.  Two weeks ago, notice was provided to a (by some standards) well-paying, career oriented, “secure” paycheck employer.  Now I am available to show up with all the best energy to devote toward acting, and the prime time required for auditioning, which a day job was monopolizing.  For over six months, I have been saving and following (with what drive remains after a 45 minute commute) a well devised list of monthly goals toward this moment.

How determined I was to be the best employee I could be for someone else: this month’s goal now rests on working diligently for the artistic career of my dreams, and bringing them into waking reality.  In a quantitative manner, that means three auditions a week, propagating more than one paying gig weekly before the end of August. Yesterday, I appealed to casting directors using a smart, focused submission for their current casting projects- which included a three paragraph letter demonstrating my knowledge and interest in their prior and future work.  Today, I e-mailed newspaper editors I already established a relationship with through the goals of the last few months [Networking].   The hope is for a review/interview [Marketing] of the play I am currently performing in at the Vanderbilt Museum on Long Island ( ).

These two elements of a successful business, Networking and Marketing, are the key requirements I most need to Practice– which is the third ingredient key to achieve.  Acting, for me is the easy part because I know at the end it comes down to working hard and then letting go of it all.  The letting go can be the challenge, but one can only get to a safe point of surrendering ‘it’ to the Fates when one has worked hard enough to trust, knowing all has been done.  Nothing comes through force.  Patience, perseverance, and precision regularly return rewards.  I realize this is a marathon, rather than a sprint.  Today is but day two, and while I envision the future, today I advance my cause and submit for more auditions!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .