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New York is a cold place to be these last two Winters.  Television and movies shoot on sound stages where they build sets: a precinct for ‘Gotham’, dressing room for ‘Smash’, an airplane for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.  These are “interiors” and [relatively] comfortably climate controlled.  Scenes can also an “exterior”: a scene in a park, a walk and talk exiting the door of a bar/IMG_0378restaurant, or someone getting out of a car.  In the Winter, exteriors are a cold proposition.

To start 2015 I worked an episode of the third season of “Elementary” with my car.  The temperature was in the 20’s and the wind was blistering. When you are standing on snow and ice covered sidewalks for a couple hours, your feet feel even colder than they might when simply walking from one destination to another.  This is why cold Winters of recent have been a bit of a slow time of year for me.  I have gotten into the good habit [most of the time] to check the forecast of the days/week to come, and save myself from volunteering to work doing exteriors on days that will likely lead my body beyond breaking, thus rendering me unavailable for any other juicy work, because who wants to re-coup enough strength because you went to work and got sick.

Savvy casting called before the holiday hiatus asking if I would work after the first of the year.  No way to protect myself.  Yet, I lucked out on “Elementary” this January as the only ‘pedestrian with car’ who actually go to be IN the car, where it was considerably warmer. I sat in my heated seats with hot air blowing on my tootsies and waited for the signal to drive through at the top of the shot, just before the cop cars raced in to nab the bad guy.  A couple of other extras were invited to keep warm in my car between set-ups, and I counted my blessings and continued to thank my lucky stars at not having to get out and pound the pavement, take after take after take.

For those of you unable to watch the video from last week’s post, here’s hoping this Hulu link does the trick [i had to hit deny three times for the little box in the way to disappear though :)]  IMDbSNLHulu  see me at #14 😀

A personal business manager wisely advised: “treat my life like a business”, “be professional”, and incorporate.  Having created Katrina Perkins, Inc., I now possess an EIN, business bank accounts, and a credit card.  Although I am good at keeping receipts and doing my own taxes when that most favorite time of year besets itself upon us, when I get to filling in milage- truth be told- it has always been something of a “guesstimate”.  This year is always an opportunity to do better, be more professional.  Starting off sorta-well-ish, I drafted a simple log sheet to make it easy on myself, which consisted of : DATE, WHERE, MILES – each with a column running the page length.

I started the month doing great, keeping track by writing down each lovely day and where it took me.  Then on Monday 04 February – I got busy- too busy to keep up the milage journal.  Luckily, I am a neurotic for calendar notations, and those wonderful receipts, both of which helped me to recreate the last week on the sheet.  Oops, I forgot one trip to the gym.  There was room in the margin for a addendum next to the date, thankfully.

The point here is: I made this recording space- a no-brainer to fill out, and realized- guess what, I drive someplace for the Incorporation (at least one place) just about everyday, unless of course…. there is a FORCE OF NATURE, like say, a blizzard.  Even then, I go to the grocery and gas early to stock up, and after, there are errands needing to be caught up.  Just now, I clipped the register to the fridge so as to see it daily and continue the good work.  

TANGENT: on the Stick Skillstopic of driving, I was recently paid to drive a Porsche.  Yes that’s right, I had a day at work where the forces that be found it fair to reward me for learning to drive on, and having as a daily driver, a stick-shift.  The episode is one where the girl has just gotten her driver’s license and because I am petite (photo-double) and experienced enough to make a manual lurch: I was booked.

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