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This week past, I worked as an “Environmental Protestor” holding a sign against a emmyhairpesticide law in California for a TV show, and I play- here’s a stretch- (on another show, this one for AppleTV)- a NY pedestrian. Background performer on both, no lines, or legit screen time, but both pretty days in their own league.  I often am cast as the “crunchy” “granola” “hippie”.  It’s my look, it is, apparently, my niche.  From the Hulu show ‘The Path’ to this week’s ‘PROTECTOR of BEES!’ role,  I guess it’s clear, I am a treehugger.

Prius-driving, recycling, composting, cloth napkins, buying Mother Earth friendly (and, it turns out, the friend to our own largest organ: our skin!) soaps … and, choosing recycled paper products, all these individual choices add up.  Each IS a choice to complete the cycle through the purchase of paper products; recycle the cardboard = step 1, buy the 100% recycled paper product = step 2 (it feels like there should be a step 3 somewhere since it IS a recycling TRIangle, help me out here).  I, personally, buy ’em all: paper towels, toilet paper, tissues.  Some people cannot go for a recycled paper product to wipe the arse post-poopage.  I can.  One day, soon perhaps, I will make the switch to cloth handkerchiefs, too.  Need to research how to clean them well enough; is it possible without bleach?  Baby diaper: you GOTTA use bleach, right??

Let us/me mostly get back on topic: The NYC pedestrian gig was what is referred to as a “RUSH CALL”. Basically, usually, someone else has canceled and the casting person needs to replace her NOW to show-up on-set on-time/ASAP. My husband was set to work a specific “OVERNIGHT” and a RUSH CALL for a female was posted via email approximately a half hour before he was suppose to leave. I replied to it (usually i do not because i feel they should have booked ME in the first place, because I would Not have canceled on them… I show up… anyway) and I said I could be to the location at the exact time I knew he was suppose to report there, his call-time. Casting called, and I booked the gig.  Long story short, it ended up being a beautiful location by the water with NYC skyline view, I didn’t even end up working because they only wanted special ability dancers, AND production paid for a crepes truck to show up: “Thanks for a Crepe Week!”  I basically got paid to get some exercise by riding my bicycle with my husband, to have someone who just won an Emmy for personal hair dresser to Michelle Williams on the Fx miniseries ‘Fosse/Verdon’ make my hair look even better, to eat a delicious catered dinner, to enjoy a Friday night out with my husband eating a savory crepe . . . and getting paid.  Oh, and the “overnight” turned out to be we were riding our bicycles home before midnight.

Um, I am grateful, for many, many … many moments.  What have you, to be grateful?


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Needless to say, the last attempt at consistent, regular posting… failed.  GothamSo, as a poet, I enjoy alliterations: Taco Tuesday, Filing Friday, Manicure Monday- to name only a few personal favorites.  Why not WordPress Wednesday!?  It should, hopefully, be straightforward enough for me to keep track, and please calmness help me, stay determined with focus to achieve.  Usually, it comes down to (haha) a lack of time management, time escapes me and I am at it’s mercy, researching usually- most currently the RAW diet [pardon the pun] ad nauseam, for the health of the four-legged-fur-baby.

Secondarily, decision making, committing to one choice- ugh- at times the bane of my existence.  Some say it’s the Libra in me; I know I perform better all around when balanced body and mind with regular Yoga practice (another aim I fail to complete).  Here I am, 6:15pm NYC, flying through to post this before 6:59pm when the date changes.  I literally just chuckled to myself.  This is so fun! Truly.  “I don’t have a photo; what should I write about; that’s not related to being an actress” = excuses, excuses, excuses.

You lovely wonderful folks read and connect with me, and I with you.  We feed each other across oceans, and I love and miss the camaraderie.  Always seeking balance and structure, attempting to enforce a system that work upon myself and disappointedly not succeeding, giving up for a spell, and coming back to give it a go again, this time: I must remember to have


Such is Life.  Started a “Cliche” blog last week, probably finish it by next (smiles).  Aaahhh, so the acting world, last week I worked as a Stand-In (another blog on that to come surely) on the Batman prequel TV show ‘Gotham’.  Even though I most likely cannot be seen on screen, boy the hair man, Joseph Ferrara, had some fun- he really knew what he was doing, and the make-up woman, Heidi, had to amp up the eyes to balance it out.  An amazing soundstage to work on here in Brooklyn- oh yeah, did I mention I moved from way out in Long Island?

Wednesday was the most invigorating 16-hour-work-day I have ever had. The call time was 6:45 A.M. in Brooklyn, obliging me to a 3:33 alarm to accommodate the hour and 24 minute westward-bound drive. Having been to this particular studio for another movie (“Gods Behaving Badly”) I knew the neighborhood was a safe Hassidic one, tight on parking.  I gave myself extra time to drive around on the hunt for the early bird on his way to work freeing a space for me, but I neglected the weather raining good luck on my adventure that morning.  Compound this with a non-functioning driver’s windshield wiper and oncoming headlights, and I ended up ten minutes late.

Finally, an available (after-the-fact apparently illegal) parking space was found (scratching my head, I had an idea ‘NO STANDING 11-4 Except School Busses’ meant ‘No Parking’, but other cars were and why 11-4?? regardless no ticket was held in by the broken wiper, so I trust I remain safe).  After walking two blocks in the sprinkling, scrumptious sunrise, and down two flights of stairs to the sub-basement holding area, the check-in man Drew said I would probably be getting a call from casting in two seconds, and to tell them he said I’m awesome! Promptly being escorted to hair, Aaron began to French braid, interrupted because approval for the stewardesses’ look had not yet been sent down.  So he put a pin in it and I moved on to make-up.

Donyell Donyale (how he pronounced it = how I’m spelling) was the make-up magician creating resplendent-at-arms-length skin.  Next, back to hair- where Barbara finished me up using 26 hair pins, gel, and hairspray to hold it all in place. Then into costume . . . . . . . . . . . and wait, for, well I don’t really know how long, maybe an hour, maybe longer, but then…. onto set . . . . where there was . . . . more waiting, standing in 2″ heels, and a big fake business and first class passenger area of a plane.  Only here: it was FREEZING!  I came to overhear Jonah Hill talking to/about Martin loving the Winter- later appreciating the cold to the alternative of sweating -> more make-up touch-ups and stinky, cranky people.

To Be Continued . . .

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