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I have plants surrounding where I sit.  Basil, oregano, chard, they grow towards the light.  I turn their pots, they stretch to straighten, to lean in the other direction, always toward the source of Sunshine. Human beings can be this way, too. We gravitate toward happy people, we soak up their good vibrations.

Katrina Perkins

Personally, I know I will not call or meet with someone specifically if I know I don’t have a high frequency, am not feeling well enough to deflect or ward off their bad joujou and keep my own essence positively strong. This is important. There are enough negative energies bombarding us, from the outside world, and even more so sometimes from the inside. The self-defeating thoughts our brains can torment and torture us with is as bad as cutting or bulimia. Moving, stretching ourselves toward the inner Light we are all capable of creating is powerfully rewarding.

This year has thrown a lot of intimate, terrible yuck at my heart, and this has made my head exceedingly defeatist. I certainly wished for the pain to stop, sobbing and begging many times to no avail. Sleep eluded/eludes me, still, though this has gotten better with daily exercise again (when I am focused and allow life to be the imperfection it must) and a natural stress-free sleep combo from the Whole Foods Market. Sleep and exercise, dormancy and challenge, these are what makes Life.

A lot of accomplishments have occurred, too, though those are not as easy to dwell upon, but they can be. I learned I can memorize well and quickly, thus that is no longer a fear. I was shown I can audition and get a callback, when I go and have Fun, because Fun is part of the Light, and everyone wants to be comfortably warm and smiling. I laughed at myself, and still do, with many others also laughing at themselves and the challenge of learning choreography. To be challenged is part of living. All beings yearn and strive to be whole, to be well, this is our natural homeostasis, to grow and be healthy and shining with confident eudaemonia.

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Sometimes I can be a perfectionist, to a point beyond procrastination.  Optimum performance is attained when I am busy enough to require a wise use of time. However, when the point is tipped and more is taken on than humanly possible- through putting everything possible on a ‘to do’ list ‘now’ or due to outside sources-  I all but collapse in despair. To not be perfect.  To not get it all done. To not have life going my way.  I cringe at accepting sub-par.  To do the best job, is that too much to ask?  It is when the cost is spending so much time on one project that the starting of the next equally paramount endeavor is sacrificed.

One friend posts a blog nearly every day- I don’t know how he does it.  I struggle to get one out a week: second guess word choices, scrutinize sentence structure, “no more than six” to each paragraph, squander time on what to write about.  As if it will be the cure to cancer, save all the starving children, rid the world of landfills, AND create free teleportation for all!  This little blog is something I do; it makes me feel better.  I have created something here.  Hopefully it has direction, thankfully someone reads it.  Truly, as soon as I have combed one over satisfactorily and published- I have Peace and Joy and Happiness smiling through me like the brightest Light bulb.

I will not even begin about the last one; it’s in the past, I posted it, and there it remains.  At the moment I typed those words of discontent- a fellow artist commented on said post.  Amazing, when we choose to acknowledge (fore it is always there), how the Universe delivers exactly what is needed at the precise moment it is deemed quite appropriate. Feeling such gratitude is worth bottling to sprinkle on myself and strangers to remind us, you and me, we ARE safe.  I shan’t stop, nor shall I wait for a green light- there are no cops in my head.  I shall remain determined, to merge at light-speed, as an experienced grown-up and appreciate the power.