Wednesday was the most invigorating 16-hour-work-day I have ever had. The call time was 6:45 A.M. in Brooklyn, obliging me to a 3:33 alarm to accommodate the hour and 24 minute westward-bound drive. Having been to this particular studio for another movie (“Gods Behaving Badly”) I knew the neighborhood was a safe Hassidic one, tight on parking.  I gave myself extra time to drive around on the hunt for the early bird on his way to work freeing a space for me, but I neglected the weather raining good luck on my adventure that morning.  Compound this with a non-functioning driver’s windshield wiper and oncoming headlights, and I ended up ten minutes late.

Finally, an available (after-the-fact apparently illegal) parking space was found (scratching my head, I had an idea ‘NO STANDING 11-4 Except School Busses’ meant ‘No Parking’, but other cars were and why 11-4?? regardless no ticket was held in by the broken wiper, so I trust I remain safe).  After walking two blocks in the sprinkling, scrumptious sunrise, and down two flights of stairs to the sub-basement holding area, the check-in man Drew said I would probably be getting a call from casting in two seconds, and to tell them he said I’m awesome! Promptly being escorted to hair, Aaron began to French braid, interrupted because approval for the stewardesses’ look had not yet been sent down.  So he put a pin in it and I moved on to make-up.

Donyell Donyale (how he pronounced it = how I’m spelling) was the make-up magician creating resplendent-at-arms-length skin.  Next, back to hair- where Barbara finished me up using 26 hair pins, gel, and hairspray to hold it all in place. Then into costume . . . . . . . . . . . and wait, for, well I don’t really know how long, maybe an hour, maybe longer, but then…. onto set . . . . where there was . . . . more waiting, standing in 2″ heels, and a big fake business and first class passenger area of a plane.  Only here: it was FREEZING!  I came to overhear Jonah Hill talking to/about Martin loving the Winter- later appreciating the cold to the alternative of sweating -> more make-up touch-ups and stinky, cranky people.

To Be Continued . . .

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