A personal business manager wisely advised: “treat my life like a business”, “be professional”, and incorporate.  Having created Katrina Perkins, Inc., I now possess an EIN, business bank accounts, and a credit card.  Although I am good at keeping receipts and doing my own taxes when that most favorite time of year besets itself upon us, when I get to filling in milage- truth be told- it has always been something of a “guesstimate”.  This year is always an opportunity to do better, be more professional.  Starting off sorta-well-ish, I drafted a simple log sheet to make it easy on myself, which consisted of : DATE, WHERE, MILES – each with a column running the page length.

I started the month doing great, keeping track by writing down each lovely day and where it took me.  Then on Monday 04 February – I got busy- too busy to keep up the milage journal.  Luckily, I am a neurotic for calendar notations, and those wonderful receipts, both of which helped me to recreate the last week on the sheet.  Oops, I forgot one trip to the gym.  There was room in the margin for a addendum next to the date, thankfully.

The point here is: I made this recording space- a no-brainer to fill out, and realized- guess what, I drive someplace for the Incorporation (at least one place) just about everyday, unless of course…. there is a FORCE OF NATURE, like say, a blizzard.  Even then, I go to the grocery and gas early to stock up, and after, there are errands needing to be caught up.  Just now, I clipped the register to the fridge so as to see it daily and continue the good work.  

TANGENT: on the Stick Skillstopic of driving, I was recently paid to drive a Porsche.  Yes that’s right, I had a day at work where the forces that be found it fair to reward me for learning to drive on, and having as a daily driver, a stick-shift.  The episode is one where the girl has just gotten her driver’s license and because I am petite (photo-double) and experienced enough to make a manual lurch: I was booked.

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