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It is common to be fooled into time wasting- reliving past moments or daydreaming of “if only…” situations. Time is what we do with it and requires consistent focus toward goals to beget a reality of our dreams.  We dream each night and we must also work daily toward creating the living dream we desire.  Recently, I found myself wishing I had gotten more sleep, taken more time to recharge Katrina so she could utilize peak performance, as intended, through routinely achieving the requisite eight hours of rejuvenating and repairing repose nightly.  That sentence was written when I should have already gone to bed.  I’ll choose to follow my own advice, doing so now, and I’ll pick it up when my brain has had a chance to organize.

By listening to one’s whispering essence, we are united with more than the universal energy that animates.  We understand the truth in this moment, this breath, this heartbeat being the only one.  Stress over past could have/should have’s and possible futures are perceived projections, dependent on the one and only moment that is real- NOW.  Had I listened to that knowing, I would have said no to requests extending myself beyond human possibility.  I knew I was depleted.  I would have been saying yes to strengthening my health and probably prevented a cold.  Often I think- if only there were two more hours in the day, then I would be able to accomplish all the ‘to do’s on the ever lengthening daily list.  Then I realize, more requests and needs would arise.

This is my third blog and the goal had been to post every Sunday.  When guilt (a word banished from my vocabulary since my father’s death in January) began to shake it’s crotchety finger at me, a friend reminded me: goals are to motivate- not overwhelm- they can always be pushed back.  May you take this moment to prioritize the most important item on your agenda: breath in and out, smile, and prove you can truly listen to your intuition by doing what will help your soul feel alive, healthy, and loved.  This moment loves you.

Sometimes energy evades us to pursue the passions that make us feel truly alive.  A j-o-b, spring cleaning, taxes, eating well, getting enough exercise and adequate sleep are all necessary to keep our individual worlds revolving.  The evolution of life, however, demands creation to free our soul.  At a rehearsal this week for a play opening in May, the director needed me to read the other actress’s lines.  One section was a lower class period British servant making raunchy remarks.  Though my weekend had been long and my workday stressful, once I heard people laughing, at the silliness of the words combined with the tripping ease of the accent, I was electrified.

Later, I came upon a great reason to don a Scottish burr- Tartan Day, a national celebration for Scottish-Americans.  A supervisor detected the difference and laughed, sharing with co-workers who made jokes, and the day was lightened with good humor.  Putting on an accent is a challenge for the tongue and a practice in acceptance because sharing requires courage- keeping something locked away until ‘perfected’ is an exercise in fear and excuses.  Acting outside of our comfort, being Brave, we break constraints of “safety” thus growing stronger.  I had never asked a fellow employee if she is Russian or Polish because I thought it rude.  Casually querying, I discovered she is indeed Russian and would be happy to lend her authenticity to aide my practice of the Russian accent- a skill I look forward to honing.

Another forum in which I stepped out of familiarity this week was being on a live web show: .  A lot of people showed and I had a really great time participating in person; usually I only watch at home and comment on the board.  It is easy to make excuses:  I don’t have enough time, I am tired, I have so much to do, I’ll miss part of it so why bother at all, but the truth is we are scared to not fully succeed.  Every time we dare do something we could have rationalized our way out of doing, we Have WON through experiencing the adventure that is Life.


I went to my first comic book convention today where the man himself STAN LEE was in attendance.  Comic book movies are some of my favorites, especially ‘Captain America’,’Thor’, and ‘The Incredible Hulk’.  I admit, I was a little daunted by what to expect.  A bunch of comic nerds talking about characters of which I have no clue?  Would I spy super-fans dressed as their favorite super-hero?  What about the many sexy ladies giving away free swag…  actually I was looking forward to all the fun- the expected and the coincidentally unexpected!

Yet still I pondered- what is appropriate attire?  For the answer, I queried to find out.  Everyone wants to makes a good impression.  I was prepared to use today for the OPPORTUNITY  it was: a chance to market myself as an actress in New York City.  Earlier this month I ordered postcards from with my headshot/website address on one side and a watermark on the back.  They arrived Tuesday: the quality is great and the price could not be beat.  I was quite excited to have a new tool for marketing just in time for this event!  As for an acceptable comic book/marketing outfit: one can only go right with skintight black head to toe.  So, donning vice-like black Under Armor shirt and pants belted with a thick patent leather belt, kick-ass five inch boots, and my lovely titian tendrils I terrifically rocked the comic-con!

Upon arriving early to set up, a marketing gentleman with Pixar’s newest movie ‘Brave’ had to take a picture of me holding up their poster because I “look like the main character, Merida, brought to life”!  I was asked repeatedly after to pose with the poster for a picture.  Craig, the marketing guy, is passing the photo he took on to his boss, and thanks to the new postcards with my website address, , I will be going to the premiere screening!  In addition to handing out half of my new postcards, and even being asked for autographs, tons of people wanted their picture taken with me.  Everyone thought I was dressed as ‘Black Widow’ and I enthusiastically agreed.   All in all, I had a very productive day practicing self promotion as an actress.  !KA-POW!