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I am myself and no one else

I play the cards-fate’s deltas

Together, now we play this game

You and I “what is in a name?”

Unlike you; I win! You lose.

Not comprehending my recent rouse

You yell and scream..

Left in your dream.

Permitted your reality;

Allow me mine and let me be.

I know you’ll do what’s good for you.

Be sure I’ll do the best for me.

My reason lies within..

Relies on me and where I’ve been

As well as what my future holds

Which by no psychic can be told

You believe you could control me

How naive would I have to be?

Intelligent manipulation

One fallacy of our great nation


Died in the wool

Wake-up beautiful

My brain does function, while

You con-nect dis/junctions

Do not maintain your refrain

Please, challenge your own brain

Freedom relished- understood,

Able to do all I wished I could.

Happiness- adulthood-

Anticipation of what I should

Do for Me and not for you.

Not bound by your sad missed venue,

I impart upon My journey

Of Life and World and all Beauty.

Discover, Learn and be myself

create and fill my own bookshelf

With what is mine, my mind inside

Though not haystly rushed before I

Careful, Cautious- True-

For Me, -not for you?

Individual- I stand

Holding humanities soft touch hand.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




There’s a place that no one knows

Sometimes most I love to go

Always here I’m all alone

Near to me and close to home

The space is small and warmth resides

No fear exists; no truth to hide

I’m loud and free, out of my mind

More paths must be I want to find

Searching- there, is happiness

Landing- comfort, I confess

Always, you expect to be.

Changing is reality

Know final words, of what,? to say

My feelings here have gone astray

Growing them from sad and glum

Smiling now I laugh and hummm

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




Sincerely, I am honored to be a nominee for a ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by the kind    She presents pleasant thoughts as a welcome escape and a friendly reminder we are all in this together to appreciate the journey and share honesty through creating love.

Rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:

1.   Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you, and post the Award on your site.

2.   Describe 7 things about yourself.

3.   Nominate 15 other bloggers.


Seven Katrina Perkins Tidbits:

1.  Working full-time to create the reality of my dreams: successfully supporting Life’s needs as a professional actress.

2.  Energetic, outgoing, enthusiastic positive energy bringing presence.

3.  Awarded “Hardest Working Actress” by Tsunami Radio Theater.

4.  Highly myopic= near-sighted (unable to see the ‘big E’ on the eye test chart) without a -7.00 prescription glasses/contact lenses.

5.  Growing red pepper plants with seeds harvested from an organic local.

6.  Eco-friendly: recycles & buys recycled products, uses cloth napkins, cuts up old cotton t-shirts to replace “paper towels”.

7.  Scared to watch horror movies after dusk.  My rule is- only in the afternoon, therefore providing plenty of time for a comedy, hence forgetting creepy images seared into my brain.


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The average yearly income for an actor in the state of California is $60,000….a median number I would will be happy to earn next year.  This fact was delivered to my attention in the form of a notice stating $4030.50 was due by me before September 15th. Thankfully, a pleasant and knowledgable Jack in Sacramento made this simple mistake, via the city of Los Angeles, disappear.  Some individuals might have become worked-up over a scary expensive notice with no validity, but because I knew there was zero truth to the claim- it was easy to laugh.

I love how we are tested to practice what we preach.  This bill arrived the day I signed up to become a member of SAG-AFTRA, the union for professional film, television, and radio artists.  A weighty decision- admittedly not contained in the budgetary savings- with a price tag of $3,000.  Being eligible to join from time studying/pursuing acting in Los Angeles, I committed to the currency of this endeavor after taking a step back and re-evaluating the ultimate goal: to be working as an actress professionally.  Naturally, at some point, to achieve this ambition I would eventually be paying the initiation fee to be a part of this organization.  So why now?

Because, one company (utilized by ‘Boardwalk Empire’) supplying background actors for television and films shot in New York, where it pleases me to reside, allows union members to register with them on the first Wednesday of each month.  Non-union actors are invited to mail a headshot/resume, and submit themselves for occasionally updated casting notices listed on the website.  This option seemed to present a lower opportunity for success.  The intention is in pursuit to live the life of my dreams: to be paid as an artist, therefore, I consider this a necessary investment moving me toward my professional career!  In spite of the monetary magnitude, I am grateful for the skill alluded to with this status.  When approaching agents and casting directors one less obstacle, that may or may not have been preventing progress, is removed.  I was already behaving as a professional and now I made it official!





This week I traveled in to New York City.  This was only the second solo excursion ventured on by yours truly to the Big Apple.  There I am, on the train, for the hour and twenty-minute jaunt in, when a family of four sits in the three seats facing me.  The boys are approximately six and eight- the youngest having a hard time letting go why there are not seat belts.  His concern voiced was “how fast does the train go” and “shouldn’t there be seat belts”– his anxiety is not assuaged and he uncomfortably remains standing, reaching awkwardly to grip tightly the small hand rail in the headrest.  Eventually, he did relax into the space between his mother and older brother.

I smiled at his innocence and fear, reminded how an hour earlier my own inner voice, threatened by uncertainty, urged a rapid retreat back to “safety”.  When I am afraid of a task: I procrastinate.  This day I was hesitant to hear an undesirable answer from a casting company.  A favorable response also proved a daunting consideration, because this would mean coming face to face with a stranger who had the power to give me work.  That day, at that moment, the glass was half-full-empty.  Why can trepidation prove so powerful?  Trust wavers in the security of life providing specific experiences as needed for the Universe to conspire in our best interest.

If every venture proved fruitful, what reward would make valuable results distinguishable- all results would be valuable.  Wait….all results are valuable- when we learn, realize untapped strength, and create growth.  This day a missed train, pre-selected the night before to arrive optimally early, became a teaching catalyst. Watching the transport pull away moments before I would have stepped onto the scaffold, I believed, at that time, the valuable lesson was: allot ten ‘extra’ minutes for parking/walking to the departure platform.  Typing here now, the real lesson was from a six-year-old on his way to the Museum of Natural History. Recognizing a reflection of shared emotions from an objective perspective provided a serene, sweet acceptance and appreciation toward trusting all moments- especially the in between.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .